Monday 2 July 2007

A showbiz accountant

An oxymoron? No! Frank Dunphy, 69-year-old accountant and Damien Hirst's manager.

The Guardian posted a fascinating interview with Dunphy by Sean O'Hagan yesterday.

Dunphy, who started out looking after variety acts, now also represents Tracey Emin, Jake and Dino Chapman and Ray Winstone. Both he and Hirst have a story about how they met (pick the one you like the most). However it happened, I see material for a solid Tuesday night movie here: how the been-around-the-block Irishman took the young and reckless artist in hand and made him the (financial) man he is today.

So, what can a show biz accountant do for you?

"Depending on who you believe, Hirst now takes either a 70 or an 80 per cent cut of gallery sales at White Cube and Gagosian. Before Frank Dunphy came on board, the split was the usual 50/50. 'Sometimes,' he says, 'it's even 90/10 in Damien's favour.'"

Which is interesting in view of last week's post, on Ed Winkleman's dissection of the 50/50 rule.

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