Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Is it really still okay to call to name your child "Gwendoline"?

Well, of course it is. Far be it from me ....

But you'll be bucking a major trend. The NSW government have just launched a nifty little application (built on Adobe Flex) which visualises trends in baby names over the past 100 years.

Playing with 100 years of Baby Names reveals that:
  • Angus and Hamish have both skyrocketed since 1960
  • If your name is Gavin, you were extremely likely to have been born around 1970
  • Kylie and Charlene have very similar profiles
  • Tayla > Taylah > Taylor
  • In the ever popular (but, now, probably sadly dated) Angelina vs. Jen debate, Angelina is winning hands down.

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