Friday 19 June 2009

Web muster

Three interesting posts from my favourite art dealing blogger (or blogging art dealer), Ed Winkleman about ACEC (Art in the Current Economic Climate)

The Re-pricing Question 1

The Re-pricing Question 2

Starting a Commercial Art Gallery In This Economy

On the drive back from New Plymouth in last weekend I listened to one of (what I think is) the best-ever installments of This American Life, a programme focused on classified ads, first broadcast in 2002. Seven years on in the Trade Me era we no longer go to the newspaper for these little snippets of life, but these stories remain utterly engrossing.

If you're a TAL fan, or just plain good at heart, the team are running their yearly fund-raising drive to help pay their bandwidth costs. Donating is painless, and can be done from the This American Life homepage.

And in exhibitiony news: McCahon's Landscape theme and variations: series B has gone on show recently in the Level 5 galleries at Te Papa.

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