Tuesday 15 September 2009

Web muster

Holland Cotter is over the blockbuster:

I recommend that that material be presented in small, smart, frequently changing shows that feed our hunger for novelty, but also change our habits of looking, our idea of what a great exhibition can be.

Starkwhite has started a series of up/down with recession blog posts: Jim Barr and Mary Barr of Over the net kick it off, with sentiments that marry up nicely with Cotter's:

For the past decade and more institutions have used the good times to increase the duration of exhibitions way over their ability to captivate, to build and then build some more, to sideline incisive curation for exhibition design, to sacrifice focus for funding partnerships and move the selection of after-opening restaurants from two stars to five. Maybe a return to home entertaining, faster turnaround of exhibitions and more openess to opportunities and ideas is the way to go.

No relation to the above: an interesting article on hacker art (observation: open source is the new postmodernism).

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