Thursday 7 January 2010

Web muster

The Brooklyn Museum solves a perennial problem (where best to eat when you're an out-of-town visitor to a museum or gallery?) by aggregating staff picks and Yelp reviews of local cafes and restaurants

I'm a little obsessed with the Royal Society at the moment, so it's good to find a digitised copy of Robert Hooke's Micrographia

Local arts organisations in Auckland have combined to form the Arts Working Group to take part in the Super City transition Meetings minutes etc are available on the Creative People's Centre website

Art curators: one of the 50 best careers for 2010

How pizza can be part of your permanent collection - C-Monster interviews a MOMA conservation technician

And an oldie but a weirdie: a meditation on Nicholas Sarkozy's stamp collecting activities (bonus description of art collecting as the "anorakless and hip branch" of collecting activities)

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