Wednesday 16 June 2010


It feels like a lot longer ago than August 2008 that I was mulling over Shane Cotton's work and getting excited about what was coming next. So it's pretty exciting to see what he's currently showing in London at Rossi & Rossi

It's hard to judge 1.5m x 1m paintings on a computer screen. But the works in 'To and Fro' seem to introduce a new jolt of electricity to the expansive dark canvases of 2007-09 with their fizzy red overwriting, while also to look back to the 1990s with the reintroduction of the manaia figure.

So roll on the next lot of New Zealand shows, starting with Michael Lett at the end of this month.

Shane Cotton, Hole in the Rock, 2010. Acrylic on canvas. 150 x 100 cm. Image from the Rossi & Rossi website.

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