Wednesday 15 June 2011

Web muster

Derek Powazek on How to Turn a Fan into an Enemy in Under 140 Characters (an online interaction with an NPR host that looks set to create a whole new movement)

The Art Gallery of New South Wales snags a show of heavy-hitters from MOMA

I know the character ends when the camera switches off, but try reading this New Yorker profile of Alec Baldwin without seeing Jack Donaghy preening in your mental eye.

And finally. I'm often asked why some artists get shown at City Gallery, or represented by Peter McLeavey, and others hang their work in cafes. Is there, people ask me, an objective distinction that can be made between the art from different art worlds? In this op-ed about the Australian four-year-old whose paintings are selling for tens of thousands of dollars, Noah Horowitz tries to answer that question.

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