Friday 23 August 2013

High rotate

Next month I'm driving up to the opening of MTG Hawkes Bay (check out their awesome blog). Naturally, this means roadtrip playlist! Few things excite me more these days.

I think the key to a good roadtrip song is an emphatic riff or chorus that holds up well when belted out while driving that little bit too fast. On that basis, some recent listens that have made it onto my playlist ...

Haim's Falling - the combo of the repeated 'I know!' and 'Falling ... falling falling .. falling ... falling falling'

Let's have two Haims, actually, since I've been thrashing their stuff lately: the Shania Twain-esque The Wire is also damn appealing ... 'It felt right ... HEY! ... it felt right'

Fabienne's Smokescreen takes things in a more R&B direction with a great shout-along chorus: 'In between, in between / you and me / stop stop stop stop / building up the smokescreen'.

The Cooper's Summer's Child is every throw-away summer guitar-led pop song you've ever heard, but 'Sun shining on your face  / you are a summer's child' is sure fun to yell along to.

And because you also need something moody and croony on a roadtrip playlist, and Banks does moody and croony so well - 'What if I never even see you cos we're both on a stage / Don't tell me listen to your song because it isn't the same / I don't wanna say your love is a waiting game'.

(Though again with Banks; you should learn all the words to "Before I ever met you" - preferably this Sohn remix - and rage along with that some time that you need to. )

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