Wednesday 29 January 2014

On the radio

It's annual back-on-the-radio time. My next slot will be a round-up of the forthcoming shows for the New Zealand Festival, but today is a passel of stories about how events in contemporary culture are reviving interest in past art moments:

Donna Tartt’s new novel ‘The Goldfinch’ turned the previously little known Dutch Old Master painting into the star of a show in New York.

A forthcoming American movie about the Monuments Men - the group of Allied soldiers, researchers and art historians who went into Europe to rescue artworks at the end of World War II - has inspired a number of exhibitions including this one.

In somewhat related news, the V&A is putting the Nazi government list of degenerate artworks online as a searchable database, and then - by tenuous linkage, if there is time - a quick look at the museum's rapid-response collecting as well.

UPDATE: Sadly, we ran out of time for Katy - it'll have to be next time.

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