Monday, 27 October 2014

Long weekend reading

The New Yorker has been releasing content from its archives, bundling highlights into weekly blog posts. This 1950 interview of Hemingway by Lilian Ross is a mid-century gem, still smartly observed and full of quotable quotes.

Preparing for Peter Peryer's show at The Dowse meant getting to think about how the art world - and art market - has changed its approach to photography since the 1970s. This obituary/tribute in the New York Times for Sam Wagstaff - collector, curator, and patron/partner of Mapplethorpe - captures the story through the lens of a life.

To accompany the new anthology - a Wikipedia entry for Wystan Curnow, prepared by Thomasin Sleigh. This has given me a new idea, to add to the ideas we're already working on ...

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