Saturday 4 June 2016

Reading list, 4 June 2016

This TLS article on the demise of reference books and the (slow, imperfect) rise of Wikipedia led me on to three new Wikipedian artefacts: snowclones ('X is the new Y'); citogenesis (citations based on circular reporting) and Wikipedia has more...

The NYT continues coverage of art stored in free ports - frankly, the storage isn't the issue but the tax dodging sure as hell should be.

A detailed write-up from ACMI on their latest audio guide - a web app offered over their wifi network, with as few steps as possible to get the visitor to the audio. Covers UI, staff training, and use as calculated by analytics.

From one ACMI experiment to another - expat Lucie Paterson writes up getting the ACMI shop online for $5K (an unusually, counts staff time as a cost in her accounting).

Rebecca Mead re-reads My Friend Flicka as an adult, and as a love story.

"The only negative voices are from Wellington" - Paula Morris writes up the launch of the (Auckland-based) Academy of New Zealand Literature. The comments make for interesting reading, and all up, a good piece of posterity - in many ways.

I'm normally pretty dismissive of the through-a-single-character study of technology usage but I have to admit, This is what it's like to grow up in the age of likes, lols and longing got to me.

The first review I've seen to really take exception to the blue-chippery of SFMOMA: SFMOMA Cruise Ship Makes Port With Trophies Aboard.

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