Saturday, 17 June 2017

Reading list, 17 June 2017

There will never be a definitive list, but this one is worth browsing if only for the photo of Linda Nochlin teaching at Vassar in 1965: The 10 Essays That Changed Art Criticism Forever.

I found this creepy as all get out: MAGA [Make America Great Again] Hats Are the Newest Form of Pre-Teen Rebellion

Colleen Dilenschneider's latest: Do [Museum] Expansions Increase Long-Term Visitation?

Teju Cole's latest: Getting Others Right

Robert Leonard's latest: Michael Parekowhai: The Empire of Light

One of the most influential books in my life: A brief history of feminist literature in New Zealand: Tessa Duder on her classic novel Alex

The always interesting Maciej Cegłowski: The founder of Pinboard on why fandom is good for business

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