Sunday 30 June 2019

Reading list, 30 June 2019

ArtNews's summer edition has some good good writing:

Better Safe Than Sorry: American Museums Take Measures Mindful of Repatriation of African Art 

Exhibiting Change: When Some of the Best-Attended Exhibitions in Museums Are Protests, Where Do Institutions Go from Here?

 The Sound of Listening: Candice Hopkins’s Curating Lets Indigenous Artists Do the Talking 

 Emma Ng's forthcoming essay for the Guy Ngan catalogue being co-published by The Dowse and Artspace appeared on The Spinoff: Guy Ngan, an artist ignored but not forgotten (another experiment in sponsored content from The Dowse)

 Also on The Spinoff: Rebecca Kiddle's The buildings are ‘uniquely Aotearoa’. Their Māori designers are ignored 

V&A director Tristram Hunt asks Should museums return their colonial artefacts? (and then answers himself: no)

I'm fascinated by how Maria Yeonhee Ji's piece for The Pantograph Punch The Truths we Bury About Childbirth in Aotearoa draws on the thinking of Puawai Cairns and Moana Jackson, in a health and wellbeing context.

Dr Spencer Lilley of Massey University has been awarded a grant to study te reo Māori capacity in GLAM organisations

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