Monday 23 April 2007

Journey to the Center of My Rolodex

That's Jerry Saltz's alternative title for Alanna Heiss's 'Not for sale' exhibition at P. S. 1 - a collection of works by 46 artists that are held in their own collections, and are not available for purchase.

The title is a response to Heiss's stated curatorial strategy: "This show is a personal one: I called artists whom I know well and who happened to be at home. It also represents some kind of manifestation of my unfortunate allergy to the commercial aspects of art.”

Read Saltz's review here: 'Not buying it' - New York Magazine

Read more about the exhibition here: 'Not for sale' - PS1 website

Read Edward Winkleman's response here: 'It's NOT the art market - Edward Winkleman'

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