Monday 21 April 2008

Something to write home aboot

Struggling with jet lag, I wasn't able to properly take in the extraordinarily detailed show 'Sorry, out of gas' at the Canadian Centre for Architecture. So instead, I settled for appreciating their elegant exhibition design...

I've never seen such poetic display cases. Architecture shows are tricky - what could be harder to evoke than another building inside a gallery space - but this one was beautiful to be in. If you're going to Montreal, I'd make the CCA the must-do gallery stop: from what I saw, the shows are intelligent, the collection extensive, the building an interesting merger of 19th-century and contemporary, and the bookshop's nothing to sneeze at either.

In the meantime, check out the very Flash Sorry, out of gas online exhibition.

Apologies for the badly-exposed photos, and thanks to the nice man at the CCA who let me take them.

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