Wednesday 14 May 2008

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An unrelated-to-art post...

The image above is a screenshot from a new and quite intriguing site: When you visit the site you'll be presented with a product logo (e.g. American Apparel, Bic, Corona) and a box into which you're encouraged to type the first word or phrase that enters your mind.

All these entries are collated by the site into tag clouds - the above is a snippet of the tag cloud for Converse. Not only is this the nicest typographical treatment I've seen for tag clouds; the clouds themselves offer a voyeuristic view into what people think of various companies: contrast Apple (biggest tags: 'cool' and 'design') and Microsoft (biggest tags: 'computers' 'software' 'windows' and 'monopoly').

Be warned that the site doesn't have the fastest loading time. If you want to skip the whole contributing part and just see what people think, go to the browse page.


Anonymous said...

Nike is funny. tag clouds on wordpress are dumb. I converted all my categories to tags but you can only have a cloud not a list and the cloud is limited to 50 entries - dumb dumb.

Anonymous said...

sorry about the load time. to be honest this was just a big experiment, didn't know it would get picked up the way it did.

Courtney Johnston said...

Hi Noah

Thanks for getting in touch! And please don't take it personally - New Zealand broadband isn't very flash, and it was only in September last year that we finally tipped the balance as a country and had more people using broadband than dial-up. Hence the warning for readers.

The site is intriguing, and I hope you're enjoying the (unexpected, but deserved) attention!