Friday, 24 October 2008

No relation

On the front page of the Guardian's website today:

Tinker Bell becomes new voice of speaking clock: "The makers of the film deny the character's role as the new voice of the speaking clock is a transatlantic intrusion into a British institution".

Cultural differences, Federer and Flight of the Conchords
: "Are you awake to the cultural differences? Listen to the three sounds I've created and see if you can match them to the countries."

'Probably' the best atheist bus campaign ever: "Lots of you have asked why the word "probably" is included in the ad slogan, and stated that you'd prefer the wording to read "There's no God"."

The music of The Wire: "The Tom Waits farrago was judged too extreme for Abu Ghraib."

Ladyhawke sings New Zealand's praises: "New Zealand is the latest long-haul country to up the creative ante by enlisting the help of Ladyhawke to entice travellers".

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