Wednesday 18 March 2009


I think City Gallery Wellington & Auckland Art Gallery should be looking very closely at this piece that Jonathan Jones has done on the redevelopment of the Whitechapel Art Gallery.

First up, Jones is the Guardian's architecture critic, but he's tackling history, shows & building here with a light touch, and an interview with Nicholas Serota gets hiffed in for good measure.

Secondly, there's a nice short video piece, featuring director Iwona Blazwick and board member and advisor on the rebuild, artist Rachel Whiteread. And lots of nice work-in-progress footage (which, it's obvious to note, you can only make when you're in progress - so best get your cameras out now)

Thirdly, there's a photogallery by Juergen Teller (but I'm not expecting City Gallery & AAG to do that).

Fourthly - it's on the homepage of the Guardian's website today - the video is embedded there, and there's links to article & gallery. That's serious profile.


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