Monday 23 March 2009

Round the web

A selection of interesting things unearthed in my feedreader after four days of neglect:

With the launch of Google street view in Britain, the search giant paired with the Tate to create a map interface so you can contrast paintings of urban and rural locations with their current appearance (although to be honest, I don't think this is a patch on Paul Hagon's work)

Nina Simon writes up the Meta.L.Hyatten project. A historic blast furnace site in a Swedish steel town is is open to the public; rather than using wall labels or an audio-guide, visitors are given special flashlights to illuminate the site and trigger interactives.

Ed Winkleman tackles the 'how do I get a dealer?' question
, for the umpteenth time, with unfailing grace and common sense.

The New York Times rolls out its (yearly?) Museums section, including a review by Carol Vogel of ways museums are looking to up visitation in tough economic times (anyone want to take a bet on who'll be the first NZ institution to offer yoga classes in the gallery?

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