Thursday 30 April 2009

Coulda been a contender ...

Two tales from the "what might have been" files

On 31 May the Henry Moore Foundation opens Art in Public Places: The archive of the PADT, an exhibition of proposals for public art works that never eventuated, or projects that were abandoned unfinished. The Guardian has a lovely slideshow, including this gem, Marc Brunel's 1843 proposal for a carriageway under the Thames - I only wish the Foundation had a searchable archive (or website with URLs that behaved sensibly).

And from New York Magazine's real estate section, a "portrait of a city that never was" in a photo gallery of unrealised building projects, including the above 75-story tower intended to contain luxury apartments, a hotel, and 3 floors of exhibition space for MoMA.

Tomorrow Best of 3 heads to the Auckland Art Fair ... see you next week.

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