Wednesday 8 April 2009

Two bits of awesome

Bit One

The Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA) has thrown open the doors to ArtBabble, a delectable site that hosts art-related video from a range of organisations, including the IMA, MoMA, LACMA and SFMOMA.

Not only is the content awesome, the design is really very lovely (although I have some minor quibbles about the navigation). Read more about the project on the IMA blog, or in this NYT article.

Bit Two

The Powerhouse Museum mark 1 year on The Commons on Flickr today, and to celebrate they've released a gorgeous little print-on-demand book that presents a selection of the photos they posted to Flickr along with the commentary left by Flickr members.

This book is a lovely example of the increasing blurring of online and offline behaviour and existence: physical objects were digitised to allow virtual viewing; real people left information & responses to them online; and now these digital objects and online commentary are repackaged as a physical item (that - bless - saves cost & waste by only being physically created when someone ponys up for it).

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