Wednesday 29 July 2009

Get in quick

On Saturday night I tweeted that I would give one finger (after consideration, I selected my left-hand little finger, because I don't use it to type) or up to two toes (I figured if you lost one, it would be easiest to balance if you took one off the other foot too) if it meant I could live with this painting.

You have today and tomorrow (Wednesday and Thursday ) to catch it and other works on paper by Julian Dashper at Hamish McKay's; the exhibition is online too.

I missed Dashper's early career; in 1989 I was wearing Adidas three-stripes trackpants with the cuffs rolled up to primary school. It was lovely to see early works in the flesh, especially this very elegant Phillishave drawing. If only I'd had a trust fund when I was ten and parents who encouraged me to spend it on art.

Julian Dashper Phillishave 1989. Acrylic and graphite on paper. 600 x 800mm
Image from the Hamish McKay website

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