Monday 13 July 2009

Mr Blobby

Over the weekend I had a small outburst when a radio host described Len Lye's work as 'just blobs moving around' during a preview of the New Zealand Film Festival programme.

I'm not sure if it was coincidence or if my rather intemperate tweets prompted it, but shortly after that Paul Reynolds blogged about the soon-to-open Lye show at ACMI in Melbourne.

It's great that the Len Lye Foundation has found another international opportunity to profile Lye's work, but I do still wish they'd address their web presence. The Govett-Brewster website has links to photos of Lye's work on Flickr, but no links to his film works which have been loaded up to YouTube. They do link to the British Film Institute site however - where the videos are locked down so only registered UK schools, colleges, universities and libraries can access them.

One small step that the GBAG could take would be to add a link to the 10 minutes' worth of 'Flip and Two Twisters' that's available on the NZonScreen site.

But one biiiiig step would be to start talking to the Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA), the organisation behind ArtBabble, a showcase of high-quality video content from art galleries, collections & channels. Fortuitously, Daniel Incandela - Director of New Media at the IMA - is one of the keynote speakers at this year's National Digital Forum conference in Wellington in November. ArtBabble is always looking to expand its content - this could be a match made in international-access heaven.


Sarah Eades said...

Great to know that Daniel will be here later in the year, we have been looking at Art Babble and possible collaboration, looking forward to the NDF even more now.

Paul Reynolds said...

Govett Brewster has a new web site in development - and the Art Babble framework is firmly in their sights, as it is in mine.

Great post though - as for timing - my blog post on the ACMI Len Lye exhibition was scheduled to go live early this week - but it was indeed your justifiable grump about Mr No Brain Radio Blobby that promoted a go live on the post.

And I too am well up for the Daniel Incadela visit