Friday 14 August 2009

Brought to Light

I've really been enjoying Christchurch Art Gallery's new 'Brought to Light' blog about the redevelopment of their collection galleries.

I've always felt that collection galleries play second fiddle to temporary exhibitions. It's nice to see them getting a little bit of love here, not just in terms of the revamp but an increased level coverage.

It's also a smart move by CAG. Rather than starting up "The Christchurch Art Gallery blog" they've picked a time-bound project so they can test out blogging and see how staff and readers react. Come the end of the installation, they can turn the blog off and, if it's a miserable failure, move on. If it works (and I'd define "works" as attracts a steady readership + staff finding it a fun thing to do) then they can decide what to do next.

I for one hopes it works.


Anonymous said...

Don't be so positive

This is a three month trial of blogging

People are rostered on to blog.

Where are the deinstall shots on flicks
the moving painting movies

the painting wall painting movies

Still defining how it works is an interesting question

Courtney Johnston said...

Gosh. It's a rare day when someone tells me not to be so positive.

If the Brought to Light blog has been set up as a three month trial and staff have been rostered on to blog, then personally - and professionally - I think that's pretty sensible. Most GLAMs multi-contributor blogs that I know of run a publishing roster so that the blog is drip feed content, rather than having posts smacked up at irregular intervals.

I think it's also important to bear in mind that it's unlikely anyone's job description has 'blog' in it. When you're asking people to do something they don't normally do, on top of their existing workload, it makes sense to put systems in place - like a roster, and editorial support - to help them ease in to a new activity.

Finally - yeah, photos and "moving painting movies" would be nice, but let's give the CAG bloggers something to aspire to, huh?

Anonymous said...

oh so positive!

i wait for the cag bloggers to comment here as well