Friday 21 August 2009

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Nina Simon on museum photo policies

I've been surprised to learn that some museums have restrictive photo policies and aren't sure why. I've heard stories of museum staff at two large institutions trying to figure out who "owns" the policy--conservation, marketing, curatorial, etc.--so that it might be revised. If you don't know why you restrict photography in your institution, please think about both the benefits AND the drawbacks of allowing photography before you perpetuate the policy.

Shelley Bernstein on kiosks and screens in galleries

Why would you take space in a museum to show off your web site? Has anyone seen this work well? Is this kind of thing helpful at all?

Noni Stacey on the blockbuster exhibition circuit & the people who store & move the art

One viewing room, housing a Donald Judd sculpture, resembles a pristine, climate-controlled prison cell, all white walls and concrete flooring. Potential buyers file in to sit on the chair placed in front of the sculpture while they decide whether to bid or not.

Over the net on the Hutt Council considering the sale of a major McCahon from the Dowse's collection

Back in 1978, after its purchase the previous year by then director Jim Barr, (God bless him) City Councillor Chen Werry claimed the painting was worthless. Now, 31 years later, a different set of councillors is complaining that it is worth too much (it was valued at $1.52 million in 2005) and should go on the block.

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