Thursday 17 December 2009

Besties II

Best news

The Julian and Josie Robertson promised gift of 15 international artworks to Auckland Art Gallery.

Best new comms tool

Twitter is a top competitor for 2009 word-of-the-year. Christchurch Art Gallery, City Gallery Wellington, Auckland Museum and Te Papa's Collections Online twitter accounts are all run by people who give a damn about their audiences, and that's what makes them work.

Best read

New Zealand doesn't suffer from a lack of writing about art, but we do lack of analysis of the art sector and the way it does (and sometimes doesn't) function. David Marr's The Henson Case was published in October 2008 but as I didn't read it until this year, I'm counting it as 2009's best read: a lucid and considered, but pacey, account of the unfolding of the controversy surrounding Henson's photographs of a naked adolescent.


Sarah Eades said...

hmmm comment about twitter accounts left out AAG, can i presume that you are not impressed?

Courtney Johnston said...

To be honest, I think I started following you, then there was a gap, and so I unfollowed in one of my regular clean-outs. So I'm going to give you another try.

Another factor, probably, is that I spend little time in Auckland and don't feel that connected to the AAG. But maybe this will help?