Friday 18 December 2009

Web Muster

I don't just admire London design firm Berg's work - I am totally in love with how they communicate their work. Check out this post & video on their digital magazine project.

Patronising the arts by Josh Silverstein, from McSweeney's.

The Daily Mail reports Hugh Grant was drunk when he instructed an assistant to bid on a Warhol Elizabeth Taylor at auction (which he won, and subsequently sold 6 years later for a healthy profit). The Guardian treats the story as a morality tale.

Information that's nearly beautiful - a graph of the number of negative reviews per art critic published in the NYT in 2009 is a niceidea, but the figures should be percentages.

And the New York Times asks whether arts institutions' rapid expansions in the past 10 years were the result of the economic bubble, which is now popping in their faces.

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