Wednesday 7 July 2010

Hacking colour fields

Today I started playing with Brooklyn Museum's latest 1st fans artist's project, Tweeting Colors by Brian Piana.

Piana has been using Twitter to generate source material for a while. Ellsworth Kelly Hacked My Twitter, for example, is a dynamic digital artwork modified whenever one of the people Piana's follows on Twitter tweets.* Medals (after Stella) responded to tweets containing specific words related to Olympic medals. [It's probably good to note that Piana bases these titles on visual similairities and his own admiration of the artist's work, rather than claiming a conceptual kinship.]

Piana's project for 1stFans is somewhat different. In this case, members of 1stfans control the artwork, by tweeting phrases that contain the relevant keywords and hashtags (including a number and a colourcode from the palette Piana has provided).

The tweets are parsed as scrolling vertical lines of colour of various widths.

The interaction is very simple right now, although Piana says he will introduce more functions as July passes. Right now I'm participating with a daily tweet, where the colour is related to the weather (so yeah, lots of greys) and the date provides the number. I'm interested to sees where this leads.

*Don't worry, I do understand that if you haven't succumbed to Twitter, all this is about as meaningful to you as 'discursive frameworks' is to me. Bear with me, and I promise the next post won't been tweety.

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