Friday 30 July 2010

Web muster


Occasionally in my life I've received a gift and wondered - what do you, giver, think of me, that you believe that is something that will make me happy / I will find useful / deserves a place in my house? Obviously Claire Howorth has had a few of these experiences, as her analysis of David Cameron and Barack Obama's art-swop is pretty intense.


I've only recently discovered the Gerhard Richter website. She's not the prettiest thing out there, but she's (a) not built in Flash and (b) extremely comprehensive. I also like that the site creators have taken both the artist's ideas and user needs into account when putting the site together, as this note on the Paintings section describes:

Although the artist intentionally avoids classification, we have placed his paintings into subjective categories for easy viewing.


This week, both the Powerhouse Museum and the Brooklyn Museum wrote about why they've developed apps instead of websites for mobile devices. Fascinating insights. I wonder if New Zealand galleries, museums, arts festivals etc who have not tackled the mobile interface question yet will jump straight to iPhone app development?


Two articles I've recently enjoyed:

Federer as religious experience (2006) by David Foster Wallace (found via this list of the 'best magazine articles ever')

I'm Comic Sans, Asshole by Mike Lacher

And a blog I've just started following: The Subversive Copyeditor

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