Wednesday 18 August 2010

EYC unconference this weekend

Briefly summarising a post I've written over on my work blog: the Engage Your Community unconference is happening this Saturday. It's a *free* day-long event for people working or volunteering in not for profit, community or voluntary groups, who want to learn about web stuff, and meet other people working in the sector.

Quoting myself:

An unconference is like a conference, in that it’s a gathering of people interested in a particular topic, who come together to share and learn. An unconference is unlike a conference, in that it doesn’t have a preset schedule of talks that you sit through: instead, the agenda is built on the day by the people who attend. Anyone can run a session, whether it’s to share something they’ve done, ask for help with something they’re trying to do, or just to kick some ideas around. The EYC unconference site has a list of topics people are interested in talking about on the day.

There are still places available - it'd be great to see you there, whether you're learning or sharing (or both).

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