Wednesday 4 August 2010

I love feedback

Last night's Ignite Wellington talk seemed to go well. My picks of the evening: Rowan Simpson on lying and cheating, and Emma McCleary on wallpaper. The event was recorded, and the video should be up on YouTube shortly.

Last night I recommended Brain Cathcart's 'The Fly in the Cathedral' as a really enjoyable account of the race to split the atom. If you don't have time in your life for it though, you should squeeze in ten minutes for Freeman Dyson's beautiful review.


sue said...

best thing about your talk, finding someone who gets as similarly obsessed as i do, but in a good way

Nathalie said...

Hey Courtney -
Your talk was wonderful as usual.

Courtney Johnston said...

Thanks Sue and Nathalie. I wasn't fishing for compliments, honest - I have a small treasury of slightly back-handed compliments that I gleefully added that tweet to!

Catherine said...

Thank you for your absolutely spell-binding talk Courtney! Hope you've seen this blog love too: