Friday 22 October 2010

Bonanza: Webstock Mini ticket giveaway


All the tickets in the give-away have gone. But it's not too late to buy tickets for the event under your own steam. Go on - it'll be worth it.

There are few things more satisfying than chances to support something you believe in.

The upcoming Mix and Mash competition is such a thing. I believe that open data is an inherently Good Thing. I believe in the mantra that if we release our content and data for reuse and remix, amazing things will happen. I believe, as Nick Poole might phrase it, that the data is the sausage and the openness is the sizzle.

But I'm worried that advocates like me might slip into the build-it-and-they-will-come mindset, and then be discouraged - even dissuaded - when data and content are released, but we don't see any sizzle. And I'm even more worried that the people who create and own the data might start feeling like this.

Mix and Mash: the great NZ remix & mashup competition is being run to stimulate the sizzle. Cash and other prizes will be up for grabs for people who make great stuff using New Zealand content and data.

The competition categories and prizes are being announced at a Webstock Mini on 3 November here in Wellington. It will be an evening of awesome speakers and fine hospitality. You should all be coming.

Because I believe in the cause, I wanted to give something back (for me, this is a bit like my Brooklyn Museum giveaway last year). So ...


To get a ticket, all you need to do is email me (auchmill at gmail dot com) or leave a comment on this post. There's just one catch. You need to tell me that you haven't been to a Webstock event before. Like open data and the Mix and Mash competition, Webstock is a Good Thing and, moreover, a community full of wonderful people that more people should join.


1. Tickets are being given out on a first come first served basis.

2. When I was working at the National Library, I was part of the Digital New Zealand team that's running the Mix and Mash competition. Now I work at Boost New Media, a web design & development company that's been working with DigitalNZ since the project started two years ago. I'm professionally involved in helping organise Mix and Mash, but this giveaway is a totally personal activity.


Ben said...

I have never been to a Webstock event before - I hope I win a ticket!

James Hancock said...

OK HI, I'm James, I'll be ( despite been a very newbie developer) entering mix and mash. I've never been to a webstock event but I'll be driving from Hamilton to get there. I have some rerally new ideas, tonly limitation I have is that much of the open data is quite old. There is a lot more we could have. Time will tell. Also quick question, is the zenbu data ok to use for the mix and mash ? Is it considered public data ?

Courtney Johnston said...

Hey James

Sorry not to reply sooner - it's been a blur getting the competition off the ground.

I'm sorry my ticket giveaway had ended before this comment came through. But I'm super excited that you're going to enter - check out the rules to see whether zenbu is okay.

There's also a $1,00 for a newbie developer - so good luck!