Wednesday 6 October 2010

Web muster

One of the most affecting things I've read lately: Steve Silberman on the recent spate of suicides among young gay Americans, recounting his own story of growing up gay, and asking whether legalising gay marriage would allow more gay kids to believe they had every chance of growing up happy.

From deep to surface (but oh, such surface): a collection of beautifully observed close crops of 4-colour process prints in comics

The New York Times always displays such style: an in-depth look at the art in Wall Street 2, and a piece on Philippe S├ęgalot's auction for Phillips, de Pury & Company, with guest spot by hairstylist to the stars Frederic Fekkai, which includes the following priceless quote:

“My father was adamantly opposed to selling this painting, but Philippe was so convincing,” said Alberto Mugrabi, referring to his father, Jose. “Philippe can do things nobody else can. He’s crazy, but good crazy.”

A little like interviewing one's typewriter, but interesting nonetheless: the LACMA blog interviews director Michael Govan on the new Resnick Pavilion.

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