Friday, 29 June 2012

Goings on elsewhere

On Wednesday on the radio (after the usual stint of helpless giggling, which I must really learn to suppress) I talked about Digital New Zealand sets, Hannah and Aaron Beehre's 'Waters Above Waters Below, Anne Shelton's 'In a Forest' and Ben Buchanan's 'Forever'.

Links and a gallery of images are available on the RadioNZ website.

This week I also started a new little side project, the DigitalNZ Fan Club, a site to present a daily highlight from the publicly available DigitalNZ sets (you can also make your sets private, if you want to collect items together off the record). I found that a small group of enthusiasts were filling Twitter with links and comments, but were unable to easily share and find sets other people's sets (this functionality is coming, but I am impatient by nature.)

Balsa model of Forest Service buildings, Wellington. Winder, Duncan, 1919-1970 :Architectural photographs. Ref: DW-4289-F. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand. 

My current favourite of my own sets is 'Architectural Models'. There is something so hopeful about these maquettes. Everyone is full of optimism at this point. Everything is so clean and straightforward. On another level, I am so taken by the lighting in some of these photos, particularly the small series of Forest Service buildings in a fairytale-like setting. I have started writing a piece of another side project, Auch on Water, about these.

Speaking of which, I published a new item over on Auch on Water - 'Roses of all sorts'. It is a fancy that hit me one morning walking around the harbour, a wish for commuters, a sketch for a happening, a little musing of the kind that I don't usually write up. It was something that was nice to make and share.

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