Tuesday 16 July 2013

Creative Commons on the radio

Last week, in my role as a member of the Creative Commons Aotearoa New Zealand advisory panel, I took part in two gigs.

On Tuesday night, along with Victoria Leachman from Te Papa, Mark Crookston from the National Library and Brenda Leuwenberg from NZ on Air, I was part of a panel talking about open heritage and culture at Nethui. Following that, CCANZ's public lead Matt McGregor and I recorded a short piece with Lynn Freeman for Arts on Sunday on copyright and what it means for the creative sector.

You can listen to the audio above. To learn more about Creative Commons, head over to the website: Matt is also very happy to run workshops in workplaces, schools and universities to explain how you can release your work for creative reuse, while still maintaining the level of control you desire.

And for an interesting insight into how CC licences should - and sometimes don't - work, check out Sage Ross's piece on how his CC-licenced photos of Aaron Swartz were picked up and used by the media following the internet activist's death this year.

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