Wednesday 17 July 2013

Gather reading list

This weekend at Gather I took our well-worn reading recommendations session out for another spin. Here's the list the ~40 people who came to the session recommended.

2013 Gather conference reading list

If you have extra suggestions:
  • leave a comment here
  • ping me on @auchmill
  • add directly to the list on Goodreads if you're a member
P.S. If you've recommended a book and it doesn't appear on the list, it's not because I'm judging you. It's because either there was a disconnect between your memory of the book's name and my transcription, or the title you noted doesn't appear on Goodreads.

Past reading lists

For the past three years at KiwiFoo, Nat Torkington and I have run a 'What are you reading' session: a very simple session in which whoever turns up in the room shares recommendations for books that intrigued them, informed them, inspired them, angered or confused them.

I've turned the recommendations we've gathered each year into Goodreads lists:

2013 KiwiFoo reading recommendations

2012 KiwiFoo reading recommendations

2011 KiwiFoo reading recommendations

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