Tuesday 3 November 2015

New reading

A few new(ish) sites have drifted over into my feedreader lately (please, world, tell me I'm not the only person out there still flipping opening a feedreader in the morning).

Tusk - a blog set up by a group of people working in their first or early museum jobs, to share reviews, opinion pieces, and general thoughts. Follow them on Twitter for alerts.

#500words - this has been floating around in my periphery vision for a while but finally made it into my permanent feed. Coordinated by Lana Lopesi, Louisa Afoa and Emil Dryburgh.

Up and Adam - art reviews from Vic Uni students and Adam Art Gallery volunteers. Reminds me of my student days ....sigh.

ACMI LABS - Seb Chan has brought the Labs ethos to his new gig at ACMI, if it's anything like the information-sharing culture he built at the Cooper-Hewitt expect to learn a lot.

This.cm - I'm experimenting with this once-a-day link sharing site to see if it has legs

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