Saturday 28 November 2015

Reading List: 28 November 2015

I'm going to try putting together a weekly digest of the stuff I've been reading - partly as an aide-mémoire, and partly because others might find it interesting ...

A friend pointed me to this long Slate piece on the aftermath of the Sony data-hacks, and what it was like for employees in the company in the year following.

Tusk has launched a series on the concept of access in museums - here's Riah King-Wall's piece on supporting disability access.

On a linked topic - Over the Net calls out the overblown claims for open storage at The Broad (the only disappointing part of this exquisite new museum)

Duncan Greive's Anatomy of a Corporate Disaster is great reading, especially if you find gossip journalism distasteful.

Huffington Post writes up the Rijksmuseum's new campaign urging visitors to sketch rather than take photos, to encourage deeper slower looking.

Matariki Williams review Wellington Museum's new install 'The Attic', with an interesting focus on the display of clothing.

Chloe Cull's outstanding essay on Merata Mita for the Enjoy 'Love Feminisms' journal

Paul Daley's Encounters exhibition: a stunning but troubling collection of colonial plunder for the Guardian is a lengthy and thoughtful piece on the political, cultural, and museological questions around the National Museum of Australia's current exhibition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander taonga from the British Museum.

Quotes from My So-Called Life (I may as well be honest about my reading habits. My So-Called Life was transformative tv and is my generational marker.)

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