Saturday, 20 July 2019

Reading list, 20 July 2019

Just the most amazing looking show, by an artist I've never heard of: Holland Cotter reviews Mrinalini Mukherjee's survey at the Met Breuer

Very well circulated, ticketed for future reference: Ahdaf Soueif's On Resigning from the British Museum’s Board of Trustees

The Great Wave: what Hokusai’s masterpiece tells us about museums, copyright and online collections today by Douglas McCarthy

David Shariatmadari, 'Shout queer!' The [British] museums bringing LGBT artefacts out of the closet, for The Guardian

A suit against the American immersive arts and entertainment company Meow Wolf alleges discrimination and unfair pay practices, including paying below the minimum wage (the company has 450 employees and is one of the most hotly watched in the immersive experience area)

Bookmarking a mental parallel to 'museums are not neutral' - Alexis C Madrigal on the collapse of the "we're just a platform" defence

In the NYTWhat and Whom Are Jewish Museums For? (and who should direct them?)

Colleen Dilenschneider's latest: People Trust Museums… Even If They Don’t Visit Them

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