Friday, 26 July 2019

Reading list, 27 July 2019

In sponsorship, boards & ethics

Alex Greenberger for ArtNews: After Months of Protests, Warren B. Kanders Resigns from Whitney Board and ‘It’s Just the Beginning’: Art World Responds to Warren B. Kanders’s Resignation from Whitney Board

Elizabeth A. Harris for the New York TimesThe Louvre Took Down the Sackler Name. Here’s Why Other Museums Probably Won’t.

Ben Davis for MOMUS: Where Do We Go From Here? Dubious Wealth and Ethical Funding

The Gray Market: Premature Evacuation: Why the Late Withdrawal of Eight Artists from the Whitney Biennial Ushers in an 'Asterisk Era' for the Art World

Darren Walker of the Ford Foundation on why museum boards must diversify

Bendor Grosvenor for The Art Newspaper on the National Portrait Gallery (London) and their ethical dilemmas around sponsorship & exhibition choices

In new museums

1 museum for every 39,000 people: South Korea's government-dictated museum building boom (partly funded by levies on entry fees)

The French Development Agency, the public funding group that supports the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, will loan €20m towards construction of a new museum on Abomey, Benin, to house returned artefacts

In other stuff

Francis McWhannell reviews Mary Kisler's Frances Hodgkins exhibition for The Spinoff 

Colleen Dilenschneider's latest touches on research showing local audiences have negatively skewed perceptions of the organisations in their area

Elizabeth A. Harris and Robin Pogrebin round up pay disputes happening across American museums for the New York Times

Four major non-profit foundations joined together to buy the archives of Ebony and Jet magazines at auction, to donate to the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture and the Getty Research Institute

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