Thursday 4 January 2007

I think I'm in love

I've written before about how much I enjoy Peter Peryer's blog. Now, courtesy of Tyler Green's contribution of his top 10 art blogs for the Walker's year in review posting, a new favourite ... Alec Soth.

Soth is a photographer based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I'm not about to venture an opinion on his work yet, having not spent enough time sifting around on his site. However, having read a few of his posts, I can see this is going to become a regular read, for the same reason I visit Peryer's blog - to be able to see photography (and the world) through someone else's passionate eyes.

Beginning December 17, Soth declared it 'snow week' on his blog, waiting for the arrival of a white Christmas. For the next few days he discussed the work of photographers who have worked with snow, in various ways. I particularly liked this post, about photography, science, poetry and the work of David Goldes, a photographer who for Soth brings together this things. That's a photo by Goldes at the top of this post.

Another post I really enjoyed was Soth talking about being asked for permission to reproduce his work on the covers of books. He points to a website, Covering Photography, made for the study of the relationship between the history of photography and book cover design, and makes some interesting observations about covers, author photos and the New Yorker.

Image: David Goldes, Rain on flour, from Alex Soth's blog.

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