Tuesday 16 January 2007


In what he's retrospectively describing as 'not my finest hour', Toby Harden (US editor for the Daily Telegraph) has been caught out by bloggers for posting a news story about Saddam Hussein's execution before it happened.

Journalist suffers bloggers' ire - Guardian website

The Daily Telegraph has pulled Harden's blog after three days' worth of commenting by blog watch-dogs, who quickly noticed the errors in the story.

The original text has been posted on Colin Berry's Dreams and Daemons blog.

It some ways, it's like blog comments are the new Letters to the Editor. Moderation on blogs however seems to be a much trickier ethical proposition, given blogging's ideals - free and easy exchange of ideas and opinions, short-circuiting mainstream media - and tenor - less formal, more rapid, very specific, and with the ability to quickly pull together a vocal group of supporters or dissenters.

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