Thursday 8 March 2007

The Auckland Triennial website

It seemed fair to post on this too, after yesterday's critique of the Telecom Prospect 2007 website

Auckland Triennial website

First off, the '07 Triennial site is a whole lot simpler than (a) previous Triennial websites and (b) the Prospect site.

2001 Triennial

2004 Triennial

2001 Prospect

2004 Prospect

Its got lots of white space, it fills the screen, and works with the usual expanding left-hand nav. The design may not be inspired, but it's easy to navigate and read.

The site has a print screen function, and The Supporters section has embedded links for all the sponsors (both missing from Prospect '07).

On the down side - only one image per artist (here's the Phil Collins page as an example), and some looooong pages. The Events pages, for example, might have benefited from using a table / calendar format.

Interestingly, my favourite section is the most administrative: the Visit section. Nicely laid out, pretty (and readable) maps and easy to follow.

The Triennial site doesn't have any Web 2.0 features - no interactive, no commenting, no podcasts (which I should have given City Gallery credit for, come to think of it). But it does a good job of delivering information and not pissing you off.

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