Friday 1 June 2007

Creative NZ grants announced

CNZ's second round of funding for the 2006/07 years has been announced. 245 grants totalling more than $3.9 million have been awarded; nearly $13 million was requested from 723 applications.

The visual arts grants include:

  • William Hsu: to participate in the 14th annual Stazione di Topolo in Italy - $5,940
  • Natural Selection and Daniel Arps: towards participating in Documenta 12 - $17,390
  • Art & Industry Biennial Trust: towards the new work component of SCAPE 2008 - $82,500
  • Simon Ingram: towards creating a series of telephone painting machines - $12,410
  • Ryan Moore: towards a collaborative artists’ book project - $11,080
  • Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki: towards commissioning three new works and an exhibition catalogue for “Mystic Truths” - $40,000
  • Neuer Berliner Künstverein: towards an exhibition of contemporary New Zealand art in Berlin - $45,000
  • Alice Hutchinson: towards the participation of “Aniwaniwa” in the Venice Biennale collateral exhibition - $24,000

Full list of grants - CNZ website (PDF)

p.s. From this week's International Institutue of Modern Letters newsletter (PDF)

Which acclaimed New Zealand writer has just had a book published without Creative New Zealand assistance – even though a note in the book itself thanks CNZ for their publishing grant? Publishers have their print deadlines, and funding agencies have their decision deadlines, and sometimes the twain don’t meet. Likewise, it would seem, some literary judgements.

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