Friday 8 June 2007

I know, he sighed

Sometimes just one word can add such flavour to a piece 0f criticism.

Take this excerpt from The Telegraph's art editor Tom Horan's article, recording his tour around Tracey Emin's Venice Biennale installation with Telegraph art critic Richard Dorment:
We stood in front of a pale blue neon light installation that spelt out in Emin's handwriting 'I know I know I know,' Dorment sighed.

"The problem with so many artists from our little island is that they are flattered by the attention they get in the British media. When they step on to the international stage they see the standard of work that goes on in the rest of the world."

It's the 'sighed' that gets me. Can't you just see it? The slump of his shoulders. The knot in his brow. The air of disappointment is so much more damning than outright dislike.

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