Saturday, 19 November 2016

Reading list, 19 November 2016

Rob Walker for the New York Times Magazine's Design Issue: Inside the 21st century craze for redesigning everything.

James Surowiecki for The New Yorker: What's in a brand name (when Marianne Moore suggested Utopian Turtletop for a new car but Ford went with Edsel)

Lynda Kelly on audience research for exhibition topics (some points reassuring, some points dismaying)

Nina Finigan frames up Tusk's newest theme: digital frontiers (and museums). See also Jane Groufsky on curating and online anecdotes; Bridget Reweti on her Flightpath podcast.

Elizabeth Merritt of the Center for the Future of Museums on data about the political affiliations of various American museum roles, and areas of conservatism in our field.

Sally Blundell for the NZ Listener on Te Papa's plan for extended art exhibition spaces, released this week.

A congressional panel in the States finds that the country needs an American Museum of Women’s History (to be run by the Smithsonian but the construction to be entirely funded by donations).

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