Saturday 5 November 2016

Reading list, 5 November 2016

It starts off sounding like a typical "an elephant painted this" story, but Belgian artist Koen Vanmechelen's Cosmopolitan Chicken Project is way more interesting than that.

American painters Kerry James Marshall is interviewed by the Art Newspaper on the process of assembling his touring retrospective, and is very straightforward about the way institutions' own rules get in the way of their own projects.

Lana Lopesi reviews Johnson Witehira’s Half-blood for the Pantograph Punch, who are strengthening their visual arts coverage.

Megan Marshall previews her forthcoming book on the relationship between poet Elizabeth Bishop and Alice Methfessel in a long, affecting article for The New Yorker.

All critique and no solution: a British theatre critic (paid to write for the Guardian) queries the emerging American model of arts criticism in newspapers subsidised by philanthropy.

Sounds like sour grapes: Why Do Colleges [actually - college art museums & their exhibitions programmes] Have So Much Art?

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