Saturday 12 October 2019

Reading list, 12 October 2019

New Scrutiny of Museum Boards Takes Aim at World of Wealth and Status - yet another report from the New York Times, this time with stats on the 536 trustees of America's 10 most-visited museums, the sources of their wealth

I didn't know that the Victoria & Albert provided career and skill development opportunities for young people as part of its public programme offer. They've just published Let me in: Getting young people into the Creative Industries, a report on the audiences they've serving through these programmes, which they break down into profiles:
  • The Selector: Starting to make decisions that will affect their career path 
  • The Multifaceted Creative: Talented and interested in more than one field 
  • The Decided: Chosen a career, looking for relevant opportunities in that field 
  • The Switcher: Transitioning into a creative career 
  • The Explorer: Looking for new ideas, spends time critically thinking to form new opinions.
 The New MoMA Is Here. Get Ready for Change, by Jason Farago for the New York Times:
“We as institutions are so trained to treat our temporary exhibition program as the main tent,” said Glenn D. Lowry, MoMA’s director. “And we made the commitment, financially, programmatically and intellectually, that we’re going to shift that. That our main tent is our collection.” 
"Manchester Museum, which is part of Manchester University, is the first UK institution to return sacred artefacts [to Aboriginal people] under an Australian government-funded project to repatriate items of cultural heritage to mark 250 years since Cook’s voyage in 2020."

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