Sunday, 27 October 2019

Reading list, 27 October 2019

Nathan Mudyi Sentance reviews Natalie Harkin's Archival-Poetics for the Sydney Review of Books: "poet Dr Natalie Harkin (Narungga) knows what many First Nations people know, that official archives are a powerful colonial weapon as well as a site of mourning".

Talia Marshall's River monster: My elusive and charismatic father, for North & South

The Whitewashing of “#WhitePeopleDoingYoga” by Chiraag Bhakta: "My artwork was about appropriation. San Francisco’s Asian Art Museum tried to appropriate it".

Improving records for First Nations collections at the National Library of Australia

Nina Siegal rounds up decolonising efforts in Dutch museums: A Dutch Golden Age? That’s Only Half the Story

Shelley Angelie Saggar's The Decolonial Dictionary

Miriama Aoake's Making sense of Tuia 250 through Barry Barclay’s prescient work for The Spinoff

Karin Chernick for Hyperallergic: How Women Artists Flourished in Northern Italy During the Renaissance

Robin Pogrebin and Zachary Small on the complexities of overhauling NYC's racist and sexist public monuments, for the New York Times: New York’s Race to Build Monuments Runs Into Friction on the Ground

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