Sunday 30 June 2019

Reading list, 30 June 2019

ArtNews's summer edition has some good good writing:

Better Safe Than Sorry: American Museums Take Measures Mindful of Repatriation of African Art 

Exhibiting Change: When Some of the Best-Attended Exhibitions in Museums Are Protests, Where Do Institutions Go from Here?

 The Sound of Listening: Candice Hopkins’s Curating Lets Indigenous Artists Do the Talking 

 Emma Ng's forthcoming essay for the Guy Ngan catalogue being co-published by The Dowse and Artspace appeared on The Spinoff: Guy Ngan, an artist ignored but not forgotten (another experiment in sponsored content from The Dowse)

 Also on The Spinoff: Rebecca Kiddle's The buildings are ‘uniquely Aotearoa’. Their Māori designers are ignored 

V&A director Tristram Hunt asks Should museums return their colonial artefacts? (and then answers himself: no)

I'm fascinated by how Maria Yeonhee Ji's piece for The Pantograph Punch The Truths we Bury About Childbirth in Aotearoa draws on the thinking of Puawai Cairns and Moana Jackson, in a health and wellbeing context.

Dr Spencer Lilley of Massey University has been awarded a grant to study te reo Māori capacity in GLAM organisations

Saturday 29 June 2019

Wednesday 26 June 2019

On the radio - June 2019

On the radio this month, I focused on two exhibitions honouring the life work of Guy Ngan, in Auckland and Wellington.

Saturday 22 June 2019

Reading list, 22 June 2019

The Cleveland Museum of Art releases the findings of its two-year study into whether digital technology deepens engagement at the museum

Barbara Pollock for ArtnewsExhibiting Change: When Some of the Best-Attended Exhibitions in Museums Are Protests, Where Do Institutions Go from Here?

Simple, effective: The Metropolitan Museum Shrouded a Mark Chagall Painting to Draw Attention to World Refugee Day

Laura Raicovich is a kind of writer in residence for Hyperallergic (I guess that's a columnist really though, right?) and her latest is on Rethinking the “Bigger Is Better” Museum Model 

Nothing to do with art museums but I really enjoyed the style & discomfort of Natasha Stagg's Welcome to the doll's house

The Art Institute of Chicago is deaccessioning more than 300 Chinese artworks from its collection via a Christie’s auction in New York in September

Shows by 20th century surrealist artists Leonora Carrington and Remedios Varo in NYC

Tess Thackara for the NYTimes on the Minneapolis Institute of Art's exhibition “Hearts of Our People: Native American Women Artists”

Saturday 1 June 2019

Reading list, 1 June 2019

A whole bunch of old stuff as I finally clear and close some ancient tabs ... and some new news

Ed Rodley's report on the 2019 Immersive Design Summit with his take on how it applies to museums, and also the Immersive Design Summit Annual Report (trends and things to watch for)

From April - the report into Australia's national arts / culture / memory institutions, Telling Australia's story - and why it's important: Report on the inquiry into Canberra's national institutions

Jarrett M. Drake's Graveyards of Exclusion:’ Archives, Prisons, and the Bounds of Belonging, a keynote lecture given at the annual Scholar and Feminist Conference.

Adam Moriarty of Auckland Museum posts the notes from his 2018 NDF talk Do Museums Still Need A Collections Online (actually, it's all about getting digital collections out to where people will use them)

Dear lord, just send them home: British Museum considers loan of ‘invisible’ objects back to Ethiopia (The Arts Newspaper)

An article about the Australian Cruthers family & their foundation supporting visual art by women (read it for the foundation's name alone)

Vanessa Friedman in the NYT's collation of Gen X articles on CK One, perfume of an era. That's short, throw in Alex Williams' lengthy overview of the generation if you want more.

Lonnie G. Bunch III, founding director of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture, has been appointed secretary of the Smithsonian Institution (first museum director to be appointed in 74 years)